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Editorial Summary:



The key highlights of this edition include the following:

  • At the center of every successful business, company, organization, community, and nation are its people – they are the connecting threads to the strategies, missions, objectives, vision, aspirations, relevance and impact. This is why the first edition of The WorkBooth Magazine is people-centric.
  • Organizations must demonstrate care to their employees in order to unleash their commitment. Their commitment enables their competence.
  • There is generally a low level of awareness on mental health in the workplace as less than 50% of the respondent claimed there is an awareness about the subject. This may be as a result of the frequency as 36% said communication is done annually to the effect while 77% are of the view that there is no structured support system in place for help dealing with such issues. Close to 80% expect their organizations to do more with respect to Mental Health issues. 44% said they are more comfortable confiding in a family member than a professional.
  • There is a business imperative in driving diversity in the workplace; however, there is a recent research suggesting that rather than just training, mentoring has proven to be a more effective strategy for addressing line management biases.
  • Effective managers deposit into the Emotional Bank Account of their teams in order to lead with compassion.

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